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If you have been thinking of giving a lifestyle refresh to your home décor, just as I was a few weeks ago, you should find this blog interesting (fingers crossed – I hope, I don’t disappoint you!) As my thoughts were wandering for ideas, I thought its worth exploring the new fabric trends, top colours and patterns that will be seen in homes in 2017.

We all know that the quickest, the most dramatic and the most reasonable way in which to create instant change in a room is through the use of colours. Colour is a mood creator, establishes harmony and accents an interior with personal style. To understand the 2017 design forecast, I browsed through some interior designer’s websites and compiled easy tips on how you can incorporate these styles to your homes without a complete room overhaul.

Whats in:


‘Greenery’ chosen as Pantone’s colour of the year

According to leading celebrity interior designers green is strong again. The vibrant green with yellow undertones is an answer to those who want to reconnect with the elements outside and desire to bring nature inside through forestry. This hue is so versatile and can be used anywhere – whether it’s a wall colour or furniture. If you find green as too bold to be used in large doses, I have a suggestion: Add green cushions to your regular tan, beige or grey coloured plain sofa and suddenly you get that fresh and vibrant feel to your living room.


We all want to create a home that feels organised and well presented, and an easy way to accomplish this is through pattern. In 2017 we’ll see inventive geometrics that depict ancient cultures, whether it is African or Asian patterns, but they’ll be modernized. Simple lines, random geometric designs, and triangles mixed and matched with tropical prints will give a trendy look.

Muted Colors

There is something for everyone. If bold colours anywhere in the house make you anxious…Good News—it’s all about neutrals in the year ahead. Whites, beiges, pale grays, camel, and blush pink are super on-trend.


Adding texture into an interior gives it more depth and the idea of mixing different fabrics will be on the rise. This can be achieved by mixing different textures like velvet, wool and cotton together.


During my research, I saw so many items from hand cream tubes to book covers to tea towels in beautifully painted watercolour patterns. Watercolour patterns are flowy and don’t have a form as other patterns. I love that watercolours all blend beautifully together and form a slightly romantic and feminine look. Keep an eye out for these making their way onto bed linen and throw pillows.

The key to the best designed home is inspiring your own trend. Adding some new pieces from the current trends, infusing some colours and combining them with the items you have will give you a décor that is timeless.


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